The Circle of Stone and Shadow, CoSaS, a Thief II FM campaign.

CoSaS is a series of fan-made missions, each released upon completion, inspired by the plot and characters of the Correspondence of Thieves fan-novels, aiming for peak dark engine quality.

The first two missions put you into the shoes of Dante, a gentleman-burglar under the command of the enigmatic warden Nightfall, and his organization The Circle. The third mission, The Nine Year Sleep, introduces Byron and his homeland of Immacul.

Listed here are missions we have released, as well as some PR material. The CoSaS Project has been in development for many years, and will continue to be.

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Chapter 1:
  • 1: Gathering at the Inn - Avaliable Now
  • 2: Mission X - Avaliable Now
  • 3: The Nine Year Sleep - In Development
  • 4: Part 4, "WFFF" - In Development
  • 5: Part 5 - In Development

  •  News - 9/06/2010
     MX Media Release: 1/06
     MX Progress Updates: 6/06 - 8/07
     COT-R Information: 03/10
     9YS Preview: 8/09

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