Correspondence of Thieves, by Daniel Todd. Chapters will be released on a weekly basis.
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Jyre was a stranger to The City, an outcast living in the streets of a nameless metropolis that was the center of all known civilization. To the people there, her home did not exist. Everything changed for her when she met Daelus Thresh, the proprietor of a library and museum who appeared suddenly in The City six months ago, and quickly ascended to a place of social power. Where, if there was nothing outside The City, did he come from?

As Jyre intruded into Thresh's estate, bearing with her a plea for help, the thriving underworld was hard at work. Ghost was an honest criminal doing an honest job. When you rob from the dead, there's usually noone around to try to cut off your head. On the other side of The City, Lytha was doing exactly what Ghost dared not do - steal coveted treasure right from under the nose of armed guards. Sheam, however, cared nothing for a life of thievery. It was no crime to catalogue and price stolen goods, to be bought legally by honest collectors, was it?

Thus begins Correspondence of Thieves, a twisting adventure told from the point of view of six individuals from different walks of life, whose choices have unseen, adverse effects on the lives of one another.

Correspondence of Thieves owes its origin to an email-based role-play (e-play) conducted in 1999 & 2000 between five individuals brought together by their love of the PC game Thief: The Dark Project by Looking Glass Studios. Inspired by this setting, the five authors took turns telling the story from the perspective of invented characters until a complete adventure was told, and then posted online one chapter at a time for all to enjoy.

In 2005 one of those five contributors chose to rewrite the e-play into a novel, which you are now viewing. This novel greatly expands upon and revises the plot of the original work, while remaining true to the personalities of the five who invented it.

Dedicated to Beate Gerwin, James Sterrett, Steve Tremblay, and Alexandra Thomson, the co-creators of the original e-play.

Special thanks to: Julia Atkins, Anarchic Fox, Indraja Germanaite, Rebecca Hornby, Jason Reimche, Gretchen Uchello, Helen Vesper, Joan Wiemann, Sarah Young, The CoSaS Team, The Thief Fans at TTLG, and Looking Glass Studios.

Chapter 1: A Brief Intrusion
Chapter 2: Honest Jobs
Chapter 3: Religion and Crime
Chapter 4: Innocent Bystanders (coming April 25th)

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