order by alpha

  • Anarchic Fox - scripting, story
    Devious deviser of story and the scripts to yarn a tapestry of events; the spinner of tales the tailor of spins.

  • Digital Nightfall - architecture, story, juggling
    He juggles to the left, he juggles to the right, and somehow, it all stays up in the air.

  • Digital Thought - cinematics
    Artwork slides to and fro, in and out, color and drama and voice and sound; it all comes together here.

  • Finial - architecture
    Higher and higher, up out and around; never has a more beautiful spire sprung forth but from Finial's hands.

  • Lynx - objects, textures
    Carpentry and upholstery, cabinet and drape, cushion and plank; Lynx builds the things that makes living places livable.

  • Mokkis - architecture
    Returned from the high seas, ready to churn out vast quantities of yummy eye candy, jam packed with tasty morsels of gameplay.

  • Saturnine - voice
    Warm and mysterious, elegant and British; Saturnine lends his voice to Dante, the player character, and perhaps soon more.

  • Schwaa - objects
    He has more than skeletons in his closet... or rather his wardrobe of brilliant creations; A pioneer of AI design.

  • Trimfect - cinematics
    Mad cinematographer, hacker of storyboards, and harsh quality control fiend; beware his full motion video!

  • Yametha - objects
    A pillar here, a knife there, a guard, a pot, a bottle of wine, a window, a key, some loot and boot; you name it, she can build it, better than you thought.

  • Wynne - voice
    Sexy yet serious, commanding but gentle; Wynne lends her voice to Sheam, and there's no telling who ... or what ... else.

  • Your Name Here - scripting
    If you're a master, step right up and give Anarchic Fox a hand. If you're a beginner but quick learner, then become Fox's apprentice in the ways of the mission scripting. In either case, he can't do it alone - we need your help as a full time team member.

  • Your Name Here - audio
    We need a full time team member to lead up the audio front of the project, who will be responsible for composing original music for both in-game and the cinematics, sound effects, and processing the audio from the voice actors.

  • Your Name Here - artist
    We are always in need of artists to hand or computer draw artwork for both the mission briefings and in-game notes artwork, such as the portraits in Gathering at the Inn.

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