- Explore the The Circle of Stone and Shadow, brought to life for the very first time

- Step into the shoes of Dante, the young burglar, who has sought out Master Nightfall in his quest for survival

- Many closely knit missions, crafted with extreme care and attention to detail

- An all new stand-alone plotline, based on the characters and events of the Correspondence of Thieves novels

- Sneak through a wide variety of environments and architecture styles - complete with custom texture families

- Meet and interact with over two dozen non-player characters, each with their own highly personalized appearance, voice, and reactions

- Test your mettle against fearsome new opponents - including totally new breeds of undead

- A briefing for every mission - plus intro, mid-game, and endgame cutscenes

- A totally new cinematic musical score and dozens of new high-tension ambient beats created by our brilliant musician(s).

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