Gathering at the Inn
Based on 'Gathering at the Bar' by Toni "Trimfect" Hollming, 1999 (T1)
By: Markus "Mokkis" Lappalainen & Totality
Directed by Daniel Todd

Mission Credits
- Architecture & Layout: Markus "Mokkis" Lappalainen
- Scripting: Totality
- Additional Scripting by: Anarchic Fox
- Story & Concepts: Toni Hollming, Daniel Todd
- Map Artwork & Character Portraits: Screech
- Skins & Textures: CRC, Daniel Todd
- Readables: Toni Hollming, Daniel Todd, Totality, Anarchic Fox
- Music: CRC
- Audio Processing: Loanstar & CRC
- 3D Objects: CRC, Schwaa, Phantom, Peter, Toni Hollming, Yametha
- Mesh Modifications: SilentSleep, Schwaa, Yametha
- Additional Debugging: Anarchic Fox, Shadowspawn, scumble, d0om

Briefing Credits
- Animation and Composition: Lazarus
- Artwork: Faudau and Screech
- Dromed Work: Daniel Todd
- Music: CRC
- Additional Animation & Support: Zombeh
- Additional Animation: Faudau
- Background Voice Work: Loanstar
- Sound Effects by Loanstar

Debriefing Credits
- Animation and Composition: Toni Hollming
- BlueScreen Actors: Toni Hollming, Sirkku
- Music & Sound: CRC
- Artwork & Additional Animation: Finial, Saturnine

Voice Acting Cast
- Dante: Saturnine
- Sheam: Wynne
- Pomok: Loanstar
- Fang: Mr. Billo
- Joshua: Loanstar
- Skarz: Steve Boyes
- Romero: CRC
- LeBlanc: Loanstar
- Pearsall: Gonchong
- Two Cops: Loanstar

Beta Testers
Anarchic Fox, CRC, Dashjianta, d0om, epithumia, Finial, GayleSaver, Hawklette, Lazarus, Little Girl Blue, Loanstar, Lytha, Nightwalker, Peter Smith, Purah, sailoreagle, Saturnine, scumble, ShadowSpawn, SlyFoxx, Silent Sleep, Thumper, Toni Hollming, Yametha

Directed by
- Daniel "Digital Nightfall" Todd