CoSaS is looking to expand its team in order to speed up the development proccess. We are looking for folks to fill the following roles. If you are seriously interested, please contact Digital Nightfall, Project Director.

  • 2D Artist
    We need at least three more 2D artists to work on the CoSaS briefings and cinematics. These artists must possess a finesse for rendering the human figure, clothing, and portraits (since most of the artwork for the briefings will be hand-drawn people over a retouched screenshot), in a very realistic "classical" style. Just watch the Thief briefings and see how people are drawn and you'll know exactly what we mean.

  • Texture Artist
    We don't need to explain what this is. Most of the CoSaS textures are, and need to be, made from photos rather then from scratch. We require an outstanding level of quality from our custom textures, so don't apply unless you plan to deliver.

  • 3D Modeler/Animator (Lightwave preferred)
    A person for this role is a luxury, not a necessity. If we don't get any skilled 3D artists, then we simply will simply go by plan A, which is to do the cinematics in the standard briefing style. The cutscene(s) will feature 3D animation that will be combined with 2D silhouette images to mimic the feel of Thief's original cutscenes. The job would require building and animating various scenes based on storyboards provided. Silhouette's will be provided for you. It's a tought job, so newbies need not apply.

  • In-Game 3D Object Modeler
    We need a few folks who know good and well how to create and skin original 3D objects and insert them into dromed.

  • Audio Processing/Foley Artist
    This is a very important role, and we need someone who's a master at it. This is the person who fine-tunes all the original audio work for CoSaS, in-game and cinematic, and all that this entails. A foley artists is someone who can invent sound effects and record them. Most of the foley artist's work will be for the cinematics. Again, this is very complex stuff, so newbies please need not apply.

  • Dromed Grunt Work
    We're trying to speed things up, so we want our gurus to concentrate on where their skill is most needed. This means that folks like Mokkis and Finial are working on architecture, and folks like Totality, Sleepy, and Thumper are working on the scripts. This leaves things like room brushing and EAX settings, tedious trivial tasks, up in the air. We're looking for dedicated and meticulous folks to come on board and help us out with the grunt work so our masters can weave their magic. If you don't mind grunt work and don't care who's map you're working on, then we need you!

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