Complete Package (v.1.13): 310 Megs
Mission Only (v.1.13): 158 Megs, does not contain move files.
Version 1.13 Patch: 30 Megs, upgrades version 1.0 to current.

Below are links to individual movies. If you wish to simply view these movies, unzip and play them in your media player of choice. If you downloaded the Mission Only package and wish to add the videos in, download the Indeo set and simply place the files into /movies/ in your Thief 2 folder, and run the mission through darkloader normally. The Divx Movies are NOT designed to be played in-game, but are smaller in filesize and of higher quality.

Indeo Videos: 152 Megs, can be combined with Mission Only version above
Divx Videos: 37 Megs, smaller filesize and higher quality, but unlikely to run inside Thief.
Patch Credits (Indeo): 64 Megs

A fully illustrated manual for Mission X has been created, ready for printing and inclusion in a DVD case. Additionally, a set of high-res maps is offered for you to print out and enjoy with the mission without having to bring up your in-game map. Finally, a set of artwork showcasing the talented men and women who worked on MX is ready for a home on your desktop background.

PDF Game Manual
High-res Printable Maps
Desktop Art Pack widescreen or standard
HINTS: Loot List
HINTS: Walkthrough

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