Mission X
By: Anarchic Fox, Finial, R Soul, Yametha, & Digital Nightfall

Lead Design (alphabetical unless otherwise stated)

· Anarchic Fox: event and puzzle design, writing; dialogue & books, enemy patrols

· Finial: ivory rose design and layout, primary mission architecture

· R Soul: event & puzzle setup, conversations setup

· Yametha, co-director: event & puzzle design, interactive dialogue systems, quest design & setup

· Digital Nightfall, director: original mission concept, additional ivory rose design, writing; dialogue & books, enemy
   patrols & behavior, loot, gear, & keys placement, additional automap setup, roombrushing, ambient music/sound
   setup, quest design & setup, game interface design

Additional Design

· d0om: rubber's chores

· Mortal Monkey: important documents objective

· Ottoj55: mistress clues & hints

· Shadowspawn: craps players, dagger arm & animations

· Sliptip: surrounding scenery

· Starselah: automap setup

· Vigil: front desk conversation

· Yandros: the never-ending conversation

Media Design

· Dark Engine Script Modules: Mortal Monkey, NamelessVoice, Telliamed, Totality & VKGaylesaver
· Objects & Textures: Eshaktaar, Gron, Nameless Voice, pkaa, redleaf, R Soul, Schwaa, Vigil, Wille, Yametha & Digital Nightfall
· Character Meshes: Nameless Voice, Schwaa & Yametha
· Communications Mask Design: The Immortal Thief, redleaf, Yametha & Digital Nightfall
· Additional Objects, Meshes & Textures: caffeinatedzombeh, Christine, Daemonite, Targa & tdbonko
· Concept, In-Game & Interface Art: Dominus, Gumdrop, Ireth Kalt, Kin, Lady Taffer, Tazio, The Immortal Thief & Digital Nightfall
· Audio Design: Sogax
· Music: Deliciound
· Additional Audio: CRC, Loanstar, redleaf

Additional Music

· Pine Lounge: Sampled from Buddy Rich - Diabolus
· Orchid Hall: Based on "Minuet in D Minor" by Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

Mission Briefing

· Design, Script & Storyboard: Digital Nightfall
· Artwork: Faudau, Gumdrop, Ireth Kalt, Julia, LadyTaffer, Zacharias & Digital Nightfall
· Proof-of-Concept Animation: DarkOwl & DrK
· Final Animation: Trimfect & Digital Nightfall
· Music, SFX & Audio Work: Sogax/Deliciound

Meeting with Sheam Cutscene

· Design, Script & Storyboard: Digital Nightfall
· Artwork: Tazio
· Animation: Lazarus
· Music, SFX & Audio: Sogax/Deliciound

Failure & Credits Movies

· Artwork: Lady Taffer, Vigil & Digital Nightfall
· Animation: Digital Nightfall
· Music: Sogax/Deliciound

Voice Cast (in order of apperance)

· Wynne - Sheam (Agent Air)
· David "Saturnine" Tonkinson - Dante (Agent Glass)
· Scott "Slyfoxx" Murchison - Mister Cloud
· Scott "Slyfoxx" Murchison - Lord Raputo
· Mara "Msledd" Love - Lady Antonette
· Liz "Lizanneh" Muirhead - Agent Stone
· Scott "Slyfoxx" Murchison - Agent Steel
· Steve "Ibsen's Ghost" Boyes - Agent Rubber
· Shadow Creepr - Julie
· Paul "Loanstar" Billo - Pomok
· Jeanne "redleaf" French - Liselle
· Quincy Jones Wannabe - Sergeant Dendrington
· Himself - Lord Stounch

Beta Testers

Brethren, BrokenArts, clearing, d0om, Ermana, jtr7, Moghedian, Mortal Monkey, Nightwalker, pavlovscat, Pavlovcats Mom, Otto Dydactic, R Soul, redleaf, Shadow Creepr, Sliptip, Slyfoxx, Telliamed, The Phantom, valatarsis & Yandros

Created for Thief II: The Metal Age
Inspired by Mission Impossible (1996) & Deus Ex

Based on characters and events from the fan fiction novel Correspondence of Thieves, by:
Alex Thomson, Jason Sterrett, Lytha, Steve Tremblay & Daniel Todd

Special Thanks

Alphonse Mucha, Arkane Studio’s Arx Fatalis, Becky, CGTextures.com, Digital Thought, David Gurrea, Google 3D Warehouse, Harrison Fisher, Heirloom European Tapestries, ION Storm Austin, Jason Tibbits, Julia, Legend Entertainment’s Wheel of Time, Looking Glass Studio’s & Irrational Game’s Deep Cover, Mokkis, Nivardus & USF-SACD

Extra Special Thanks

pavlovscat & R Soul