What's done:
  • All terrain brushwork is done, and has been for some time, including texture placement and alignment.
  • All required custom objects have been made. (A few hundred. Don't think I'm kidding.)
  • Object placement, (with the exception of loot), is functionally complete.
  • The automap (which, by the way, is very detailed.) is done and working perfectly on all floors.
  • All required new meshes/skins are finished.

    What's on the to-do list:
  • A few glitchy custom objects to be fixed. / Some custom objects could use an additional art pass. / Some additional EP objects are expected. / Some additional prop placement, to add a bit more flourish and density, but is not needed.
  • The completion of the mission inaccessible outer-area which we hinted at in the media release. (That building prop will not be used in MX however, it was more of a proof-of-concept. The ones we use will be far, far less detailed.)
  • New noblefolk skins would be nice but are not required. This is something the community could help with.
  • Interface graphics are all at work-in-progress level.


    What's done

  • Lines for eight of the nine NPCs are written, recorded, and final.
  • All readable objects are written, placed, and final.
  • The in-game notes/hints have all been created.
  • Mission Debriefing is done.

    What's on the to-do list:
  • Mission Briefing still lacks two critical art pieces. (And is not yet animated.)

    First I need to explain something. There's three types of conversations: eavesdroppers, ambient, and involved. The first is the typical conversation which happens between AIs that the player listens in on, and tries not to get caught. Ambient conversations are more subtle, don't have to involve words, don't have to have any audio, don't have to involve any AIs, and are not necessarily things the player can interrupt nor necessarily needs to hide from. They're really any number of assorted things that just add atmosphere. Involved conversations are the kind that the player character takes part in.

    What's done

  • All Eavesdroppers conversations are done.
  • The Involved conversations are about half done (though it's hard to gauge, so I am erring on the side of caution...)
  • The three semi-optional semi-secret side quests, code-named yaw, pitch, and roll are implemented, complete, and winnable. (Eject was Evesdropper conversations, and is also finished.) A huge warm thanks goes to R Soul, Nameless Voice, Mortal Monkey, and Ottoj55.
  • All but the final two stages of the main quest are implemented, though they still need alot of work. If you're counting, that's three done and two not done.

    What's on the to-do list:
  • As stated above, the last two stages of the main quest.
  • One of the early stages of the main quest is still incomplete / broken
  • The other half of the involved conversations.
  • The rest of the ambient conversations.


    What's done

  • Additional weapon/gear systems are in place and working fine.
  • About a half dozen things I don't want to give away are finished. Yay cryptic.
  • Guard design, including eight different varieties [spoil](Two types, Raputo and Ivory Rose. Ivory Rose type consists of three ranks and both sexes. Raptuo type consists of two ranks.)[/spoil] is finished.
  • Guard placement and patrols are finished (until the playtesters say otherwise).
  • Ivory Rose Bystander placement is finished (ditto).
  • Lighting is finished (triple ditto)
  • Roombrushing is finished (though the occasional 'I can't hear the locked SFX' doors still are discovered from time to time.)
  • Speaking of locked sounds, the keychain, door locks, revised lockpicking system, key placement, and all of that is done.

    What's on the to-do list:
  • Ambient noble/castinoguest AI placement is not finished (nor are the skins done. Ahem.)
  • Loot placement is in shambles.


    What's done

  • Stuff I already talked about; roombrushing, voices recorded, etc.

    What's on the to-do list:
  • Ambient Audio (and placement)
  • Music (and placement)

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