Through the Looking Glass (TTLG) helps the Thief Series live on in an unofficial add-on to Thief 2., June 8th, 2000 - Looking Glass Studios (LGS) may be no more, but the legacy shall live on. For the past half a year, TTLG has had in the works a massive fan-mission campaign for Thief 2: The Metal Age. Entitled 'The Circle of Stone and Shadow' (CoSaS), this campaign, set during the months before the events in Thief 2, introduces players to a new plotline and main character. In light of the recent folding of LGS, TTLG has elevated this project to the status of Unofficial Expansion Pack - and TTLG's official contribution to the legacy of Looking Glass Studios. CoSaS is currently halfway into production. A possible winter completion date is projected.

"Though we cannot hope to fill the void which the cancellation of Thief 2 Gold and Thief 3 has left, we're going to try our best to make this project be as professional as possible," says Daniel "Digital Nightfall" Todd, co-founder of TTLG and Director of the CoSaS project. "We are not only doing this for the community, but for LGS as well."

CoSaS will feature seven closely knit missions, plus playable tutorial. It will include everything fans should expect from a retail expansion pack (gobs of new material), and, when completed, shall be available for free Internet download. The story is based on the characters and events of Correspondence of Thieves, a Thief novel co-written by the campaign's project director (which shall begin online publication in the coming weeks). Players will step into the shoes of Keith, the young burglar on a quest for answers and survival. This campaign will feature a high emphasis on non-player character observation and interaction. The plot drives the gameplay - not vice versa.

"From technical point of view, CoSaS is exploring many aspects of the Dark Engine that were not used in the Thief series to their fullest pontential," explains Toni "Trimfect" Hollming, producer of CoSaS. "Changing 1st person sneaker into a 1st person adventure game has been a challenge, but I think that we have succeeded in not only doing that, but making it fun."

To celebrate the unveiling of this project, the team has put together a cinematic teaser-trailer, a collection of desktop backgrounds, and a set of screenshots. All of these are avaliable for download at the project's official website:

Behind the CoSaS project is a team made up of some of the Thief editing community's finest, including: Mokkis, author of the highly rated 'Circle of Strain' series; Totality, author of the technical tour-de-force 'Rogue's Honor'; CRC, our musician; Trimfect, author of 'Gathering at the Bar' and the man who kick-started the Thief Editor petition; and Digital Nightfall, co-founder of TTLG and master of

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