• To the Barracks
    Before you is the way to the main Barracks. Right up ahead, below the balcony, is the armory. To your right is the toilet and bath. (Design by Digital Nightfall) (Note: this setting has been cut, and is no longer present in CoSaS)

  • Above the Medical Ward
    The light of the mundane fire torches flickering from below mix with the arcane ethereal torches here. Cries of a wounded prisoner echo up from the medical ward, mixed with the footsteps of patrolling guards. (Design by Digital Nightfall)

  • Quaint Village
    Nestled in a quiet secluded corner of The City is a quaint suburban village. As you walk the streets at dawn the sound of bird song fills the air. Up ahead, you spot the figure of the man you were sent to meet... (Design by Mokkis)

  • The Mages' Lounge
    What better way to study your rituals and research your experiments then this lounge, illuminated by bay windows positioned to overlook the mountain range? (Design by Digital Nightfall) (Note: this setting has been modified since this screenshot was taken)

  • Gryphons
    The Circle's security force is a privately run mercenary group known as The Gryphons. Led by Sir Robert "Wendle" Warren (pictured), this team of troops is the best money can buy. You can bet they will make your life difficult. (Skins by Digital Nightfall)

  • Under the Garden Dome
    The sound of running water fills the air. You wish you could wait a bit, enjoy the tranquil setting but no - you just caught sight of a shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye. (Design by Trimfect) (Note: this setting has been modified since this screenshot was taken)

  • The Church
    Attached to the north end of The Circle is an ancient Hammerite Church. These walls have seen the passing of a hundred years - and then some. It is pastored by Brother Thurm, chaplain of The Circle and good friend to Master Nightfall. (Design by Trimfect)

  • Kicking the bum that sits in the lap of luxury:
    Being a wealthy businessman with a successful enterprise is both a curse and a blessing in The City. As the owner of this hotel and casino shall soon learn - the curses include being a very ripe target for burglary. (Designs by Finial)

  • Journey through NewMarket and Hightowne:
    The Circle of Stone and Shadow lies nestled within Hightowne, a rather upscale residential district, where some of The Cities' more laid back aristocrats call home. The abandoned home of Lord Ramirez resides here, very close to the edge of NewMarket. (Designs by Mokkis and the Thief 1 Team)

  • GatI: Snowy Street
    Your mission begins standing in the snowy streets of one of the older districts. The building you must break and enter is not too far ahead. (Design by Mokkis)

  • GatI: The Kitchen
    A wave of heat hits you as you happen upon the kitchen. After trudging about in the snow for the past few minutes, you could stay here and rest a bit. (Design by Mokkis)

  • GatI: Table by the Window
    The glass window pane mutes the sound of the blowing wind outside. The crackle of the fire overwhelms it. (Design by Mokkis)

  • GatI: View from the Rooftops
    The icey wind bites at your face as you scale the rooftops, searching for the best way into this structure. But you must press on, for if you brave this task, then a far more comfortable fate awaits you. (Design by Mokkis)

  • MX: The Dining Hall
    Several times a day, this room is filled with various posh members of society as they stuff their beaks with the finest processed food. They call this luxury. (Design by Finial)

  • MX: The Gambling Room
    In places like these, the rich may get richer or poorer - but a thief will always get richer - unless they get dead. (Design by Finial)

  • MX: The Apartment
    A rich man will go a long way to wager all he owns on the chance to double his money - even so far as staying the night, or weekend, or month. (Design by Finial)

  • MX: The Recital Chamber
    The perfect place to contemplate ending it all after loosing it all is this plush recital hall, with catering and entertainment at noon and midnight. (Design by Finial)

  • Welcome to The Circle
    Before you is the Circle of Stone and Shadow's Foyer. The only way to go from here is forward. (Design by Digital Nightfall and Trimfect)

  • How Far We've Come
    This is The Circle of Stone and Shadow's Library. Black & white insert is a frame from the CoSaS trailer of the same area. (Design by Digital Nightfall and Trimfect)

  • Gray Banking
    The bank in The Circle may be small, but it takes itself seriously. Most of the high profile accounts are just for show - the majority of the assets in this bank are held by crooks.

  • The Staff Restroom
    This bathroom looks like the perfect place for a mugger to lurk. Well, get lurking and start mugging, you taffer! (Design by Optimus Prime and Digital Nightfall)

  • The Power Meter Center
    If the raging click of the meters does not drive you crazy, the flicker of the lights will, or maybe the pulsing hum of the transformers? (Design by Purah)

  • The Echo Chamber
    Thick moisture fills the air. The stone silence is broken by a drip in the distance, echoing back and forth before finally fading back to silence. (Design by Digital Nightfall)

  • The Bandits' Hideaway
    Structures formerly operated by the Hammerites have fallen into disuse. Bandits squat in these old buildings snug and cozy, far, far away from those who would arrest them. (Design by CRC)

  • Home Sweet Home
    Home is a place where you have spent most of your life. Home is a place you shall certanly never see again. (Design by Mokkis)

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